Quinn Jones


My experience with massage therapy started when I found myself bedridden with a sports related back injury. I tried resting and stretching and eventually consulted a doctor. The doctor prescribed pain medication and told me to continue resting until it got better. After several days without improvement I sought the help of a Registered Massage Therapist. At the end of the first treatment I was able to move without pain, and several treatments later I was back to normal. I knew then that this was something I had to pursue.

I believe that by putting the body into a restful and relaxed state you enhance its natural ability to heal. My goal during treatment is to create an environment in which a person can feel the pressure of daily life melt away. This helps the body to repair and allows therapeutic techniques to be more effective.

Some specific areas that I have experience working with clients are:

*Chronic muscle pain
*Sports injuries
*Jaw/ TMJ dysfunction or pain
*Anxiety and depression
*Abdominal & pelvic conditions (PCOS/endometriosis/Crohn’s disease /colitis/post abdominal surgery)
*Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome
*Scar mobility
*Frozen shoulder or rotator cuff injuries
*People who enjoy massage as a part of their wellness routine

I feel so fortunate to have the chance to work with people and help them improve their health.