Clara Bernier

I had the pleasure of attending Pacific Rim College here in Victoria to complete my acupuncture training, where I graduated with highest distinction. Prior to this, I graduated cum laude from UVic with my BSc. in Psychology. I have also completed an Advanced Myofacial Needling course with Rory Knapp-Fisher, as well as the Explain Pain course and Mobilization of the Neuroimmune System course with Dr. Benjamin Boyd.

What drew me to acupuncture was the holistic foundation and preventative nature of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as the scope of practice of acupuncture. I enjoy treating a wide variety of ailments and love that acupuncture can address any and all health concerns, from physical to emotional to spiritual. While I have a keen interest in treating muscle and joint aches and pains, as I was an elite level rhythmic gymnast throughout my youth and adolescence and have struggled with my own injuries and pain over the years, I enjoy the variety that comes with being an acupuncturist. I believe there is deep interconnectivity within the body, and that our body has the natural ability to heal itself. Thus, I see my role as facilitating the changes that are needed to restore balance within the body, and often within the external environment as well, to bring you to a place of pain-free and healthful living. I also believe in the value of informed healing and so I like to provide patient education during most sessions. I enjoy working together with people to develop an individualized treatment plan that is based on your health goals and that can be implemented at a pace that is comfortable for you.