Continued Safe Practice

We have implemented the following measures to reduce the potential exposure and transmission of COVID-19:

Changes to our Physical Space

We have added a sneeze guard at the front desk, sanitizer in each area, and blind corner mirrors to prevent accidental contact while entering the treatment area. To reduce unnecessary touch zones, we have removed books, magazines, and the water station from the waiting area. In the treatment rooms, we have removed all blankets and non-plastic chairs. Our tables are always heated, but feel free to bring in your own blanket for added comfort and warm.


We have extended our hours of service and modified practitioner schedules to create staggered appointment start and end times. We have also limited our schedule to have fewer practitioners offer treatments at the same time. Each practitioner will be working in only 1-2 rooms to ensure contact surfaces will be completely sanitized between treatments. Proper hand-washing and full linen changes will be done between appointments. Your treatment will finish five minutes before the end of your scheduled appointment time to allow time for you to get dressed and for us to sanitize all contact surfaces effectively before the next patient arrives.

Before Your Arrival

We require self-assessment for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 related symptoms in both the patient and practitioner before entering the clinic. A form will be sent prior to your appointment which must be completed before your arrival.

If either party exhibits symptoms related to COVID-19 or has travelled off the island within 14 days of the appointment, they are responsible for immediately cancelling all appointments.

Assessment and Prevention

  • Therapists will use the BC COVID-19 self-assessment tool daily ( and will stay home and cancel appointments if experiencing possible COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Any travel outside of British Columbia by therapists requires a 14-day quarantine period.
  • If a therapist’s close contact, a spouse, those they live with or their child becomes ill, the therapist will stay home and self-isolate with their household members. They will only return to work when:
  • Their close contact has been tested and the results for COVID-19 come back negative and they are well.
  • OR after self-isolation for 14 days and having no symptoms or fever develop.
  • OR being cleared by a public health official.
  • Patients shall complete a thorough and honest pre-screening survey for symptoms of COVID-19, including information about recent travel. If the response to any screening questions is yes, the patient may not receive treatment. The patient will be instructed to call 811, go to or contact a physician for further guidance and advice.
  • The patient can reschedule an appointment later after they are safe to be treated.
  • Patients need to confirm that they have not travelled off Vancouver Island in the 14 days before each appointment.

Upon Arrival

You are welcome to enter within five minutes of your scheduled appointment time. If you arrive earlier, please wait in your car, enjoy a peaceful walk around beautiful Bastion Square or wait until five minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

Masks are required to be worn in the front desk area and during your face-to-face consultation with your therapist. Bring a cloth or disposable masks with you. We also have masks available for sale at the front desk. Your therapist will wear a mask for the duration of your treatment and will outline your face-covering options during your treatment.

Payments will be taken and processed prior to your appointment time. If you are using our direct billing service, please provide us with new insurance information the day before your appointment to allow for processing, or you may need to submit your own claim.

Tap is the preferred and safest methods of payment. Tap is now enabled for payments over $100. We no longer accept CASH payments. Receipts will be emailed, so please ensure that you update all your contact information.