Adrian Tomei, RMT

I am a broad spectrum therapist aiming to harmonize a technical, evidence-informed approach to massage with sensitive and open-minded communication & touch. Slightly nerdy in the realm of pain science, rehabilitation, and pro-active health, I am always excited to help you help yourself, using a variety of therapeutic modalities.

A deep dive into yoga and meditation led me down the path of discovery towards an ever-growing understanding of the potential within all beings. The study of that paradox which inhibits human potential led me to pursue my B.HSc in Trauma & Addictions Counselling at the University of Lethbridge, while running the schools popular Yoga & Meditation Club.

In the years since, an ever-increasing interest in the power of ceremony has led me to explore intentional community, ecstatic dance, sweatlodge, shamanism, breathwork, and mindful movement. I am currently within a 5-year QiGong teacher training, threads of which inform my RMT practice on a daily basis.