John McPhee


My name is John McPhee and I am passionate about being an RMT.  Many years ago, while I was a carpenter’s apprentice, I badly injured my back.  I was inspired by those that helped me recover and decided to change careers.  I completed a three-year accredited program here in Victoria, B.C., and have been practicing Massage Therapy for five years and couldn’t be happier with my decision.

I believe in integrating patient education into my treatments resulting in patient self-care and long term relief of pain and discomfort.  I believe wholly in the benefits of massage therapy not just for treating specific injuries but also for its ability, when provided on a regular basis, to aid in the prevention of an injury.

I use varying techniques depending on the type of treatment including therapeutic, relaxation, or the combination of both with a wide array of manual therapy techniques, postural assessment, and specific exercises to relieve the cause of pain and dysfunction. I employ deep tissue, trigger point therapy, joint mobilization, muscle energy, Swedish, passive or active range of motion, remedial exercise, and hydro-therapy treatments are individualized for each client.

I enjoy working with clients who strive to improve their physical function and prevent and heal injuries to enhance their quality of life.  I am driven to help people and have a genuine care for everyone that visits my massage table.  With my experience working with clients who are recovering from accidents, injuries, and chronic pain, I find my work very fulfilling and enjoy watching the transformation of my clients’ health and well being as their injuries improve and they begin to live pain free.

When I’m not at work I spend my free time laughing, singing, wrestling and playing with my two young daughters.  It is truly amazing to see the world through the eyes of a toddler and our family is enjoying everything the West Coast has to offer.  My oldest daughter loves the beach and walks in the forest, which helps remind me of everything this amazing city has to offer. I am a very proud father and am enjoying the best days of my life.