Lindsay Daniels

Since graduating from the 3000 hour program at the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in Vernon in 2012, I have been passionately assisting people along their unique health journeys. My first few years practicing in a multi-disciplinary setting provided very well-rounded and diverse experience with a variety of interesting cases and conditions.

Within my experience, I have realised how much everything is connected in the body and how it has the innate ability to heal itself – each body system yearns for balance and the ability to flow in order to function optimally as a whole and achieve equilibrium. I’ve also observed that with a holistic and compassionate approach to lifestyle changes, proper function and reduced pain levels tend to follow.

I enjoy continuously expanding my knowledge base and techniques to better serve my patients and help them reach their health goals – whether it’s to improve stress levels and sleep cycles, balance symptoms of a specific condition, or maintain optimal overall wellness.

Through presently listening to your needs, conscious palpation and mindful/yoga-based homecare, I combine a customized blend of therapies to holistically treat with care and awareness. I receive great joy in connecting with my patients, guiding and empowering them towards a higher quality of life.