Nichola Slade


I am originally from the east coast and fell in love with the wild beauty of Vancouver Island four years ago. I was drawn to study massage therapy after completing a bachelor of arts and years of intense, outdoor, manual labour. I found myself unfulfilled by both academia and purely physical work. I find there to be a wonderful balance in massage therapy between the interactive, physical, and intellectual nature of the work.

I strive to ensure my clients feel heard and cared for in all of my treatments. I have cultivated a grounded yet playful energy as a therapist which I find aids in fostering a deeply relaxing and still dynamic treatment approach. I am excited to work with all clients to reach their personal health and wellness goals and I have a particular interest in treating emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, depression as well as chronic pain.
I am inspired by the unique ability of massage therapy to foster and deepen one’s mind-body connection, sense of embodiment, and to provide an opportunity to feel good in one’s skin. I believe that it is possible to always create treatments that address areas of concern and above all feel amazing.

Being able to focus on a patient and uncover the steps needed to work towards their goals are what I enjoy most about being an RMT