Tristan Chiasson-Comelli

As an RMT, I strive to provide comprehensive, client-centered care. Creating a welcoming and relaxing environment, I will meet you wherever you are at, and work with you towards your overall health goals. My aim is to find the most applicable tools, treatment modalities and home care to assist you in making progress toward better physical and mental wellbeing. 

I believe a collaborative approach centered around communication, giving the client control over their treatments, as they know their bodies best. I seek to empower my clients with in-depth knowledge to help them better understand and interpret the biofeedback of pain, tension, and stress. Increasing our awareness of what our body is telling us strengthens our mind-body connection and allows us to develop healthier habits.

To support each client’s unique goals, I use a mixture of myofascial and trigger point release, deep tissue, and relaxation techniques, in combination with active and passive range of motion. I will also provide manageable homecare tailored to the lifestyle and goals of each client, whether they are looking for preventative, relaxation, maintenance, or recovery care. Movement has always been a big part of my life. Surfing, skiing, and dance are the ways in which I stay grounded, happy and energized. Before completing my diploma at the WCCMT in Victoria, I was a tree planter for nearly a decade. I have had my fair share of injuries over the years and know the trials of both repetitive strain and immobility. My rehab has always revolved around massage as it supported me on more than just the mechanical level, which is what inspired me to pursue this career myself. I truly love the opportunity that massage has given me to play a role in my clients’ lives. I gain immense satisfaction in helping others and treat this line of work as a privilege. My natural love of problem-solving combined with a deep interest in the mind-body connection inspires me to find the best approach to everyone’s unique relationship with their body and how I can best support them.