Kitti Ami

I view the body as a whole functioning organism, I like to encourage movement, stretch, and breath. In my practice I hold the space for and am committed to assisting my clients to whole body wellness. Here I have had experience with rehabilitation, motor vehicle accidents, repetitive strains, digestive issues, neurological issues, and the experience of everyday stressors.

I graduated from West Coast College of Massage Therapy 2007. My career was side tracked, after a serious injury with a horse. This led me towards a journey of discovering the resilience of the body and the miracle that it is. Perseverance pays for those who are determined to recover.

My interests have led me to furthering my education in cranial sacral rhythms, myofascial release, visceral massage, and nerve functioning. I am presently completing a course in Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy. This is a modality that addresses the nervous system and has the potential to powerfully unwind trauma. My skill set ranges from light to deep tissue releases, from therapeutic to deep relax.

I have spent a lifetime being active; I grew up competing as a gymnast, and taking in all that nature could afford me. I enjoy practicing aspects of yoga, qi gong, and mediation on a regular basis. I love the ocean, riding my bike, dancing, reading, singing and being with people.