Step away from the chaos of daily life and enter into serenity where there is space to breathe and time just to be……..here, now.

Conscious of the principles of Feng Shui and the concepts of the five elements rooted in ancient Eastern philosophy, our space was created to promote an environment of healing, wellbeing and happiness.

From the moment you enter, the senses will be indulged and enlightened.

~ The gentle aroma of essential botanical oils will warm the heart. The pleasant sound of soft music will quiet the mind.

~ The soothing colours and elegant décor will calm and ease tensions.

~ Our friendly reception will greet you with smiles and a genuine eagerness to assist you on your journey to well-being.

Welcome to Atlas Health Therapy!


Earth is the mother of all the elements. It is from Earth that all things grow and evolve, develop and produce. Earth is the soil that feeds us, the foundation upon which we stand. It is stable, nourishing, supportive, and sympathetic.



Water contains minerals and trace elements which are required for structure and embodiment. It is a place where life emerges from the deep.



Fire is the flame that burns brightly, radiating an expansive vibrancy and warmth. It symbolizes wakefulness and the development of wisdom and compassion.



It is autumn when the influence of metal is at its greatest potential. A season of change, as plants shed their foliage and fruit falls to the ground to decompose, returning back to the Earth which once gave it life, in preparation for its later re-creation.



Spring is the time of year when the power of this element arises. The winds of change bring a season of rebirth, growth, and expansion like the seeds of a garden bursting new life to the surface from the confinement of the soil.



Here at Atlas Health Therapy, we take pride in providing the best experience for our clients on their wellness journey. This includes offering a welcoming, inclusive, and safe space for all individuals entering our clinic, regardless of gender, race, or orientation.

Atlas Health Therapy is proud to provide services customized to each individual need with knowledge, compassion, and care. Due to the close contact nature of our services, we strive to make each client feel acknowledged and comfortable while addressing their health-related concerns. Atlas Health Therapy has adopted a zero-tolerance policy for any form of disrespect towards other clients, practitioners, and staff.

The mission of our multidisciplinary health therapy centre is to help you achieve radiant health and a profound sense of well-being and happiness. Our highly trained practitioners are dedicated to helping you take the weight of the world off your shoulders.

If you would like to book with a practitioner who has the greatest level of experience with LGBTQ2+ treatments, feel free to contact our front reception to book with the right practitioner for you. To read more about our practitioners to learn which one may be right for you, visit our practitioner page.