Metal Room

It is autumn when the influence of metal is at its greatest potential. A season of change, as plants shed their foliage and fruit falls to the ground to decompose, returning back to the Earth which once gave it life, in preparation for its later re-creation. It is a time of evolution through the process of reduction and refinement as decomposition separates the nutrients and sends it down to nourish the roots of future growth. The end of one lifecycle to create the birth of another.

Just as the alchemy of turning base metals into gold, this phase symbolizes the transmutation of matter into pure essence of life. This alchemy is the guiding principle for those influenced strongly by this element.

Metal types perform tasks with elegant precision, adhering to a strong commitment to order, structure, standards, and measure. They seek perfection of form and function by separating the pure form from the course and extracting order from chaos. Highly organized, methodical and disciple, they apply analytic and critical thinking to organize systems in a controlled and orderly manner, holding themselves and others to the highest standard. They revere ritual ceremony and doctrine. They appreciate the symmetry and beauty of all forms and admire reason, virtue and integrity.

Colours of silver, gold, and white represent the purity of this element. Metal governs the function of the lungs and large intestine separating, refining and descending the pure essence required for life.

This element asserts its power most strongly between the hours of 11pm-3am when during sleep the body requires the purity of substance to nourish, replenish and repair.


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