Fire Room

Fire is the flame that burns brightly, radiating an expansive vibrancy and warmth. It symbolizes wakefulness and the development of wisdom and compassion. The fire’s vibrancy and energy provide the power to inflame and transform, creating the heat required for the reaction of fusion to occur. The merging of human aspirations with divine purpose

Joyous emotion, colours of red, orange, bright yellow represent this element. In the summer months is when the influence of elemental fire is at its greatest. A time when all living things develop to the fullest potential.

In the body the functions of the heart and small intestine are governed by fire, whose energy predominates between 11am-3pm. The heart is the home of the spirit (Shen) where consciousness resides.

Like moths to a flame, people are naturally attracted to the enthusiasm and excitement of fire personalities. They are enchanting, optimistic, charismatic and are highly intuitive.
They are affectionate and thrive on intimacy and contact. Because of their great capacity for communication they tend to be performers or teachers, realizing joy and fulfillment through the integration of information and experience which they relay to others with great enthusiasm.


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