Earth Room

Earth is the mother of all the elements. It is from Earth that all things grow and evolve, develop and produce. Earth is the soil that feeds us, the foundation upon which we stand. It is stable, nourishing, supportive, and sympathetic.

Those who possess strong characteristics of Earth love to be sociable, seek harmony and togetherness. They are considerate, attentive and relaxed. They are givers and like to be involved and needed. They also have the tendency to over think. Sweet flavours of comfort and nourishment enhance the functions of the Earth phase, but too much of these will create imbalance and over abundance.

Warm colours of deep yellow, beige, and Earth tones represent the comfort of this element. Earth rules the body functional of spleen and stomach.

Late summer is the time of year when the power of Earth is most vital. The time when the harvest takes place and the time of plenty.

During the day between 7-11am is when the power of Earth is most prevalent, hence it is most important to provide oneself the nourishment and sustenance at this time.


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