Water Room

Water contains minerals and trace elements which are required for structure and embodiment. It is a place where life emerges from the deep. Water solidifies to ice, holding within it the fundamentals of life, in hibernation for the time when it returns to its fluid state where expansion and motion give birth to new life. Water shapes and molds, demonstrated by the subterranean caves carved out of the Earth’s crust. It has the power to wash away Earth, drown fire, and transform as steam. It corrodes metal and gives moisture and new birth to wood.

This is the season of winter. The water element is an influencing force, exerting its power on all other elements. Its molecules can move quickly, separate and then reunite the surpass obstacles.

As care takers of our history, memory, and dreams, water creates the shape of our aspirations, our ultimate being; the outward expression to the Universe of our inner-most essence and destiny. Seeking the ultimate of revelation, the water type is yielding in their quest for truths and enlightenment. A desire to acquire the knowledge to discern the nature of existence and reality itself. Destiny is the final authority.

Water types are willing to withstand self-sacrifice for commitment to a path, belief, or cause and will not compromise for peace or pleasure. They are not preoccupied with remedial distractions of everyday life. Water types are introspective, curious, and watchful, observing the nature of things of now and reflecting on things to come. They are imaginative and alive in the world of ideas, dispelling mysteries. Solitary by nature, they can withdraw emotionally into a protective shell, inhabiting a deep interior world of possibilities. Imagination and exploration bring knowledge, understanding, and enlightenment to the final destination. They have courage of conviction, are loyal and committed.

Associated by colours of blue and black, the water element flows most strongly between 3-7pm and governs the function of the kidneys and bladder, consolidating and holding what is needed for germination and regeneration. All that is inherited is gathered and culminates into what will be. As a river flows down from the mountain top to the ocean; the final destination, so too does the personal influence of water. Have moment towards the truth, the pure, and the ultimate destiny.


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