Wood Room

Spring is the time of year when the power of this element arises. The winds of change bring a season of rebirth, growth, and expansion like the seeds of a garden bursting new life to the surface from the confinement of the soil. The energy of wood builds pressure and then rapidly expands surging forward.

Those who possess strong characteristics of wood are confident, assertive, and ambitious. They are explorers by nature, enjoy surpassing perceived limitations. They seek liberation from the constraints of conformity and structure of rules. They take comfort in perpetual motion and are impatient with stillness.

Like the colours of the forest, green and brown represent this element.

The energy of wood predominates between 11pm-3am and rules the body functions of the livers and gall bladder. It is important that the intensity of this element be balanced by flexibility in order to perpetuate constant forward motion and growth.


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